About this site

This site was created and is maintained by followers of Jesus Christ. It is not associated with any particular church but is based on the work and teaching of Rev Stuart Olyott whilst at Belvidere Road Church, Liverpool, in the 1980/90s. We have used the New King James for all Bible quotes.

It's purpose is to help understanding of this wonderful book and give explanation and encouragement to the Christian seeking to deepen and grow their own Christian life.

Based on 2 Timothy 3,16 we believe the Bible to be the Word of God, written by man under His inspiration. On this basis, we accept Scripture as fact even if some of it is difficult to accept or understand.

Rev Olyott once introduced a sermon as follows...

When I was a boy, there was a case on top of the wardrobe, out of my reach. I would have loved to see what was inside but it was out of my reach. However as I grew, reaching the case became easier until I could take it down without effort. Similarly, as a young, inexperienced Christian, many things in the Bible are beyond my understanding. However as I grow spiritually, things which seemed confusing become clear and easy to comprehend

There is a common belief that the bible needs “updating” to bring it into line with modern thinking and practice. We have seen this in action in many churches. However we find this unacceptable. What would we change and what would we leave ? If we decided to update some bits how would we know the changes were right. If we got a group of people together and we voted on the changes would that make them any better? If God wrote the original then who are we to countermand Scripture with our own version?

For instance take the practice of homosexuality. The Bible condemns it unconditionally. Now if we had got a group of people together 100 years ago they would have voted to condemn it too. However today it is acceptable and not to be condemned. Who is to say that opinions will not change again in the future ?

With something as important as our eternal future, we are not comfotable with the idea of a majority vote to make changes so we accept the Bible as it is - as God's word - and apply it tp ourselves accordingly. Incidentally, the Bible strongly discourages any Christian applying the teaching of the Bible to someone else in a critical manner (See Matthew 7,5). We must address our own shortcomings so that we may serve as an example of the love of God towards all people in that He sent Jesus to die in our place so that our sins may be forgivien.

So, on that basis, we trust that this site helps you grow spiritually and increases your understanding of God's Word.