The books of the Bible

The Bible is not simply one book. It is an entire library of books covering the whole range of literature. It includes history, poetry, biography, drama, prophecy, philosophy, science and inspirational reading. Little wonder that it has been translated into more than 1200 languages and every year more copies of the Bible are sold than any other single book.

Its content was written by at least 40 authors, each inspired by God, and covers more than 4000 years of history.  It spans the creation of the world through the history of the Jewish nation to the birth and life of our Lord Jesus Christ and the early years of the Christian church. It took 1,500 years to write.

It is a complete work. It does not depend on any other book and does not need any additions or changes.  It says of itself that it is completely and totally inspired of God (2 Tim 3, 16) "and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness". As it spans such a huge amount of time many of the prophecies made early in Bible can be seen to be fulfilled later on

The Bible is divided into two parts - The Old Testament which deals with the history of the Jews and looks forward to the coming of our Lord, and the New Testament which records his birth, life , death and resurrection and the life of the early church.

Each of these testaments are subdivided into Books usually named either after the author, or the subject which they address. There are 39 books in the Old testament and 27 books in the New testament.

When studying the Bible there are two main approaches. Consider the bible as a garden with 66 beds of flowers - some large beds and some small with only a few flowers. You can work from bed to bed studying each flower in turn or you can pick a colour and then study that colour as it appears in different beds. Whichever you choose I wish you God's richest blessing as you study His Word.