These sermons were recorded at Belvidere Rd Church, Liverpool, England when Rev Olyott was the pastor there.  
They span some 30 years work and are taken from Sunday services and the Midweek fellowship.

He has also written a number of books which are published by Evangelical press - you can see a list here


Stuart Ollyot books

The Gospel as it really is ISBN 0-85234-124-5 Paul's epistle to the Romans simply explained
A Life worth living and a Lord worth Loving ISBN 0-85234-173-3 Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon
Alive in Christ ISBN 0-85234-315-9 Ephesians simply explained
Dare to stand alone t ISBN 0-85234-163-6 Daniel
Jesus is both God and Man ISBN 0-85234-31- 7 The Three are One
The Three are One ISBN 0-85234 138-5 What the Bible teaches about the Trinity
Ministering Like the Master ISBN 0-85151-830-3 Three messages for today's preachers


Rev. Olyott owns the copyright of his sermons but has kindly given permission for this site to make them available to 
download for personal use and spiritual growth.  They are made available for FREE distribution but downloading the sermons in no way confers copyright. 

The recordings where made as the sermon was preached using an analgue tape recorder. The have been digitised but some sound quality is less than desirable. 

Christian Teaching
What is a Christian ? 14 sermons, Recorded 1979
A series for the young Christian 13 sermons, Recorded 1993
This we Believe 29 sermons, Recorded 1980/81
Where do we go from here? 11 sermons on death and heaven, Recorded 1982
Five points of the compass 6 sermons, Recorded 1994
Common excuses 8 sermons, Recorded 1980
Our Problems, God Answers 8 sermons,  Recorded 1981
Seven deadly sins 7 sermons, Recorded 1992
Seven sayings from the Cross 6 sermons, Recorded 1982
Sermons on the Old Testament
Genesis 16 sermons, Recorded 1997
Jacob 14 sermons, Recorded 1995
Psalms 10 sermons, Recorded 1981
Proverbs 9 sermons, Recorded 1981
Sermons on the New Testament
Acts 22 sermons on the early church, Recorded 1994
1 st Corinthians 28 sermons, recorded 1978-79
2 nd Corinthians 20 sermons,recorded 1997 / 8
Colossians 7 sermons, Recorded 1978

1st Timothy 6 sermons, Recorded 1982

Jude 2 sermons, Recorded 1978